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Welcome to Concorde Academy

There’s a difference in teaching and enabling learning
There’s a difference in preaching and leading by example
There’s a difference in getting an education and acquiring knowledge
There’s a difference in pushing children and helping them soar

The difference is Concorde International School.
Not just another school, but an institution that helps every child realize his true potential.

At Concorde International School we believe in the holistic development of every student that enters our portals. Our focus therefore extends beyond academics to sports and extra-curricular activities. We don’t just build healthy minds but healthy bodies and well-developed personalities. This focus on all-round development is evident in the multifarious activities that we provide our students.

Come, discover what Concorde International School has to offer your child. We promise an exciting and enriching journey both for you and your child!

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The School

Concorde International School is a co-educational institution located in...

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